YouTube Videos

To understand how Modi Boxi works and see a number of demonstrated builds and designs, check out and subscribe to our Mod Innovations YouTube Channel

Original Kickstarter Video

This was the video used in the Kickstarter campaign that raised over $410,000 for over 6,800 backers. It gives the best view of what is possible across a range of Modi Boxi features. 

Original Modi Boxi Dice Ad 

Demonstrates the many ways you can store and use your dice with various Boxis, trays, dice rollers, and toppers. 

Original Modi Boxi Minis Ad

Showcases all the ways that table top minis can be stored with Modi Boxi.

Modi Boxi Rails

A unique rail system to hold your minis of all sizes in a variety of useful configurations.

Modi Bolt System (Patent Pending)

A demonstration of the patent pending Modi Bolt system, how to fasten, unfasten, and the weight tests. 

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