Modi Boxi Support is available in three ways

  1. Read the FAQ below for answers to common question
  2. Join the Discord Server for real-time and community support
  3. Join the Builders Facebook Group for more community!
  4. Contact Us via the website with any questions

Frequently Asked Questions 

Helpful Links

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Where do I get the files?

After you purchase files form Modi Boxi, you will receive a PDF file with a link to a Google drive to grab the files. If you have problems, please email us. 

Where are the instructions?

Instructions are available here and constantly updated with the latest information. 

The latest link is here on our website

NOTE: Google can throttle access during periods of high traffic. If you have issues, try again later. 

What do the file names correspond to? 

For Modi Boxi download, there are five (5) zip files if you backed up or purchased the entire Modi Boxi file set. Each file ends with three numbers, which indicate its version. 

  • Modi Boxi Small—This file contains all the STLs for the Small Boxis and their compatible trays/inserts.
  • Modi Boxi Medium— This contains all the STLs for the Medium Boxis and their compatible trays/inserts.
  • Modi Boxi Large—This contains all the STLs for the Large Boxis and their compatible trays/inserts.
  • Modi Boxi Core—This contains all the Core Modi Boxi files that work with All Boxi Sizes.
  • Modi Boxi Core Medium and Large - This contains all the Core Modi Boxi files that work with only Medium and Large Boxi sizes (not small). 

Do you upgrade the files? 

Yes! We will email you when new files are available. That is what the three numbers at the ends of the files are. They are the version number of that .ZIP file. 

What 3D print settings do you recommend?

Most of the videos and prototypes for Modi Boxi were made with the following printer and specs:

  • Printer: Bambu p1p or X1C:
  • Nozzle: .4
  • Layer height .2
  • Walls: 2
  • Filament type: PLA
  • Infill: 15%
  • Infil Pattern: Grid
  • Bed temp: 60C
  • Nozzle temp 220C

My prints are coming out wrong (Modi Bolt is too tight, things don’t fit, stringing, etc). What should I do?

  1. Try the test print Modi Counter available on MMF
  2. If the Modi Bolt does not fit into the counter housing, it's possible that your 3D printer is extruding too much material, and the flow rate needs adjustment. You can learn about that here: 
  3. If the bolt is too loose, you may have the opposite problem, and your flow rate needs to be increased. 
  4. There is a good video about flow rate adjustment here as well: 
  5. Join the Discord Server and ask the community! 

My prints are detaching from the bed. What should I do? 

If you have an issue with smaller pieces detaching themselves from the print bed during printing, it is recommended to:

  1. Increase your bed temp to 60-65C to help with adhesion
  2. Print the pieces with a brim

Does Modi Boxi require extra hardware?

No, extra hardware is not required. However, you might want to use magnets and rubber bands to hold down your minis if you plan to be extra rough with the transport of Minis in the trays.

If you use the Modi Rails system, neither are required. 

Can Modi Boxi be printed on a resin printer?

We do not recommend printing Modi Boxi with resin. Modi Boxi uses many large, flat surfaces and functional pieces with specific strength requirements. We have extensively tested with PLA. We honestly don't know how resin will perform or if it will work at all. While it could be done, it will take a lot of resin for these prints and require extra prep.

Does Modi Boxi have any patent protection?

Yes, Modi Boxi is officially Patent Pending. We filed a Provisional Utility Patent Application (ID 63550487) to protect our Modi Bolt and fastener system to ensure that we can control the proliferation of Modi Boxi attachments going forward for ourselves and our resellers. We expect to file a full Utility Patent for the Modi Bolt and associated systems in Q2 of 2024.

We have also filed Trademarks with the USPTO related to the Modi Boxi words, name, and associated marks.

We also have registered copyrights on various Modi Boxi pictures, drawings, and 3D files. 

What is allowed with the Modi Boxi files?

There are two levels of use for the Modi Boxi files

Personal Use—You can print the Modi Boxi STL files for personal use. You can give them away or have friends compensate you for the cost of printing them. It is not recommended that you edit the files in any way as we can’t guarantee compatibility with other files or expansions, but with personal use, you can do so at your own risk. 

Commercial Use—If you’ve acquired a commercial use Modi Boxi license, you can print the models and sell them online or in stores for whatever price you deem compensates you for your time and business goals. You are not allowed to modify the STL files in any way, add or remove components, scale them, or alter them in any fashion. You will receive support from the Mod Innovations team and a set of requirements for the Commercial Use License. 

Makers can change filaments/colors as they print All Modi Boxi parts to create designs, images, or logos if they do not change filament types.

In both cases, Personal or Commercial, you can design and print files compatible with Modi Boxi if those files do not contain a Modi Hole (the bowtie shape) to receive Modi Bolts or the Modi Rails systems. This means you can create any trays and inserts, holders, or other items that might work with Modi Boxi. If you are selling these add-ons, we ask you to denote somewhere that they were “Designed for Modi Boxi.”

Why is editing the files problematic? 

We want to support makers' ability to differentiate and express themselves in their builds. Still, we also need to protect compatibility and avoid creating a situation where someone makes what they think is a small change but causes incompatibility later. Any surface that was designed as flat needs to remain flat. 

Some easy rules:

  • Don't harm the structural integrity of the boxes. 
  • Don't punch holes or shave off material
  • Don’t do things that make the Boxis you print incompatible with what other people print.
  • Don't do things that possibly break compatibility for expansions and add-ons that haven’t been considered. 

Where can I reference the commercial license? 

If you purchase a commercial license of Modi Boxi, it is available at the following Google Doc link. 

Are commercial resellers verified? 

Yes, if you are purchasing a Modi Boxi print from a vendor, please confirm that they are a verified reseller by looking for a reseller ID and verified reseller QR code. You can check if a reseller ID is valid using this form:

What are the Modi Boxi Remix Files on TickerCAD?

To provide flexibility in editing certain Modi Boxi files, we’ve added some templates and instructions on TinkerCAD, a web-based STL platform. You can grab these templates and use them to create custom mini trays and name tags. 

Is Modi Boxi Food Safe? 

No. 3D printing is generally not food safe. Unless you have upgraded your printers extensively and purchased lead-free filaments and nozzles, we do not recommend selling an item that is 3D printed as food-safe. If you print, sell, or consume food from 3D-printed containers, you do so at your own risk.