Our Story

Trapper & Jeff are two friends who met over a decade ago, sharing an interest in gaming, cycling, and nerding out on everything with a geeky passion. In November of 2023, they launched Modi Boxi as a 3D printable option to solve the storage needs of gamers everywhere. 

Jeff is well known amongst his friends as a talented maker. His basement is filled with every tool you can imagine: Five 3D printers, a CNC machine, a laser engraver, and everything for a professional wood shop. He's built water-cooled wooden PCs, several full-sized wooden gaming tables, LED lightsaber displays, rocking horses, cabinetry, furniture, and chess sets, and he has already published STLs in various marketplaces. 

The idea for Modi Boxi started when Jeff was trying to build a 3D printable dice tower as a gift for a geek weekend with friends. The idea for the dice tower involved printable screw bolts and cantilever hinges with a tackle-box-style container. It soon became apparent that the system had so much more potential besides being an awesome dice tower. 

After almost a year of re-design and prototyping, the screw bolts turned into Modi Bolts. The dice tower boxes became multiple sizes. A new Warhammer 40k hobby inspired Jeff to add limitless trays for miniature setup, tear down, and storage. Space for board games and a system for paint storage, card storage, and much more were included. 

In August 2023, Jeff approached Trapper about figuring out how to bring Modi Boxi into the world. Both have always wanted to do a Kickstarter, and Modi Boxi seemed like the best shot at something that others would enjoy and find valuable.  
With Trapper's experience founding video game and healthcare startups, along with his go-to-market and product market expertise, the two of them launched the first ad tests of Modi Boxi in November 2023. Both of them thought it would be great if a couple of people dropped their email to learn more about the Kickstarter launch. They were shocked when thousands and thousands of people registered their interest in the Modi Boxi storage STLs.

On February 6, 2024, the Modi Boxi Kickstarter launched. Over 30 days, the campaign raised $410,000 with over 6,800 backers! 

On March 26, 2024, the files for Modi Boxi were released to backers via a pledge page on MyMiniFactory

Since launch, Trapper & Jeff have been working to build Modi Boxi into the most flexible 3D printable gaming storage solution out there and assembling a growing community of passionate DIYers.

If you don't have a copy of Modi Boxi, get yours now! 

We can't wait to see what you build!