Modi Boxi File Update - Version 11

Hi Modi Boxi Builders! We are excited to announce another set of additions and upgrades to the Modi Boxi file set. 

You will know you have the correct .ZIP file if it has _011 at the end of it. 

-- 6/03/2024 --
Version _011

Files Added

  • Added: Wide labels for Small, Medium and Large Boxis.
  • Added: Large standing card holder 3 rows
  • Added: Paint holder for monument hobbies pro paint. Medium and large boxis.
  • Added: 25mm Square base supported
  • Added: 17mm round base supported
  • Added: L_Latch_Lid_standUP_smallPrinters.stl

Update and Bug fixes

  • Bug Fix: Rail system for Medium 04:
  • Update: Center Handle now has rounded bottom corners so they can fit on smaller print beds.
  • Update: Basket handles V2 for faster printers.
  • Update: All Modi Bolt holes that print flat on the print bed have been updated with a .5mm round edge. This will help with first layer squish that was making it hard to get the Modi Bolts in.

You can download the files at your original download link! Email if you have a problem. 

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