May 2024 Photo Contest Winner: Springem

May 2024 Photo Contest Winner: Springem

Springem was the winner of the Modi Boxi May The 4th Be With You Photo Contest and claimed the Community Prize as well as Best Photography!

We had a chance to catch up with Springem after the contest.

Trapper@Modi Boxi: Congrats on winning two of the photo categories! What can you tell everyone about yourself? How long have you been 3D printing? How did you get into it?

Springem: Before I started 3D printing, I helped one of my co-workers build a printer from parts he got at a university in southern Michigan. I found out quickly it was going to be a fun hobby. I have been 3D printing for about 10 years. My brother lent me his MakerGear M2 and I have yet to return it. I'm hoping to upgrade to a Bambu Labs P1S or greater next year so he can finally get his printer back!

I have a degree and work in the Computer Engineering field. I enjoy playing all sorts of tabletop games: D&D, One Page Rules - AoF and GF, board games, and card games. I also like to paint minis, make terrain, design and 3D print almost anything, organize my stuff, and and play around with electronics (Arduino, Raspberri Pi, micro controllers, etc...).

I first started 3D printing enclosers for electronic prototypes and miniatures and terrain to enhance D&D campaigns I was GMing for. I later 3D printed custom organizers for my board games and Gridfinity for organizing my tools and hardware.

Trapper@Modi Boxi: Wow! that's great. Kind of a similar story to me in that I borrowed the Ender 3 that my daughter was using for her robotics club, and never gave it back! Then we got a Bambu and now I'm the one always queuing up prints and she's complaining she can't ever get any print time! haha

How did you originally hear about Modi Boxi? What made you decide to join the community of builders?

Springem: I am always looking for ideas for organizing my board games, miniatures, paints, and electronic equipment. I also have been backing projects on Kickstarter since 2012, so when this popped up in a Facebook Ad, I jumped in. I'm always open to join communities and get ideas for what project I can work on next.

Trapper@Modi Boxi: That's awesome to know that our Facebook ads works. I think Jeff and I probably ran ads to everyone in the US with a 3D printer at this point!

What's your current main use for Modi Boxi? What are you mainly making builds for and how's it going?

Springem: Right now I use Modi Boxi to organize a few of my board games and my miniatures for wargaming and D&D. I am targeting anything that I don't currently have a great storage solution that is also portable. If I can't find a part that fits what I need, I create one, otherwise this is a very cool product and I have many build in mind for upcoming projects.

Trapper@Modi Boxi: Yeah I think one of the best things is when you start a new game and it opens up all sorts of new things you can design and print. It's almost like Modi Boxi makes me want to play more games because it means I get to print more stuff!

What's the backstory behind your May the 4th build? How did you come up with it?

Springem: I was recently pulled into the Star Wars Unlimited CCG and thought Modi Boxi would be the perfect fit for organizing and transporting it. Making a compartment for decks and a drawer for my 3d printed tokens were perfect. I customized a side lock and component bins for the drawer. My son helped me pick out some of my old Star Wars toys for the photos. I threw on some paint, pictures, and varnish and it turned out better than I imagined.

Trapper@Modi Boxi: Yeah it really did. Not only did the decorations catch our eye and the eyes of the community, but the lighting/effects and photography really stood out. It's clear why you took home both the community votes and the photography award!

Before we go, anything you'd like to promote? Links? Social media? Etsy page?

Springem: I don't really sell or promote the stuff I make. For me, everything I do in this hobby space is to help bring my group of friends and family together, make it easier to table games, and to bring more emersion to game night.

Trapper@Modi Boxi: I can totally understand that. I pretty much do the same, making dice rollers and Modi Boxi kits for my gaming friends. Enjoy the prizes and we look forward to seeing you on the Discord and everything you build next! 

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