May 2024 Photo Contest Winner - Romirnix

May 2024 Photo Contest Winner - Romirnix

Congrats to Romirnix for winning one of the Founder's Choice awards in the Modi Boxi May The 4th Be With You Photo Contest! 

I had a chance to sit down with Romirnix and learn a little bit about them and their entry! 

Trapper@Modi Boxi: Nice job on winning the founder's choice award for the photo contest! I love a good Yoda theme so it was fun to see this entry come in! Tell us a little about yourself! How did you get into 3D printing? 

Romirnix: I am a disabled Air Force veteran and dad. I spent nearly six years on active duty and was separated due to issues with my hips. I family got me a Voxelab Aquila C2 for Yule in 2022. I had spent the two previous years researching and learning and talking to myself trying to decide if I wanted to venture into 3D printing. I think my family got sick of listening and wanted me to start doing something. Once I got started I realized I wanted to make this into more!

Trapper@Modi Boxi: Well first, thank you for your service sir! How did you first hear about Modi Boxi? What made you decide to jump in? 

Romirnix: I came across Modi Boxi on Kickstarter near the end of the campaign and was blown away by the idea of a fully 3D printed modular box system and I saw the potential it had and it's something I will be using for DnD.

Trapper@Modi Boxi: Nice, yeah, DnD seems to be a fairly popular use ranging from minis to terrain, to books and papers, etc. Is that your main use for it? Are there other builds you are making? 

Romirnix: Currently the main use for the Boxi is to hold parts and pieces for other Modi Boxi so everything is kept together. The medium drawer Boxi is the build I'm doing currently, and it will be used to organize my print room tools and extra parts. It's almost done being printed then I will put it all together and start using it.

Trapper@Modi Boxi: It's actually hilarious that one of the first uses of Modi Boxi is to hold more parts for Modi Boxi! The same thing happened to me. My first build was a tackle box Modi Medium with DIY trays to hold all the extra pieces and bolts you need when printing everything out! 

So in printing these storage Boxis, what led you to the Star Wars build you submitted to the contest? 

Romirnix: The colors were unexpected but turned out perfect to represent the best known Jedi masters. Master Yoda wielded a green Saber and Master Windu the purple Saber. Their job, along with the rest of the Jedi, was to lead and organize the Jedi. With the Modi Boxi being all about organization, it highlights the need for order in the chaos of the known universe which is the Jedi mission.

Trapper@Modi Boxi: Whoa man... haha... you went deeper than I expected with that! So you are saying Modi Boxi helps your wield the force?! I'll take it! 

Before we go, anything you'd like to promote? Anything cool you are making? 

Romirnix: I'm just starting my social media presence, as well as getting ready for some local events. You can follow along at:

Trapper@Modi Boxi: Well thanks for taking the time and for entering the contest. Congrats on your win and we can't wait to see what you will build next!

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