May 2024 Photo Contest Winner: Arbiter360

May 2024 Photo Contest Winner: Arbiter360

Congrats to Arbiter360 for winning one of the Founder's Choice prizes in the May The 4th Be With You Modi Boxi Photo Contest!

I had a chance to connect up with Arbiter360 after the contest to learn a little bit about their 3D printing journey!

Trapper@Modi Boxi: Hi there! Congrats on your win! What can you tell us about yourself, your 3D printing and how you got started? 

Arbiter360: I've been 3D printing on and off for about 4 years. My first printer was an Ender 3. I got into it during the pandemic to try and print minis for D&D. It was a love/hate relationship.

Trapper@Modi Boxi: Oh man yeah I hear you on that. My first printer was an Ender 3 Pro as well. It took a great deal of effort to get everything dialed in so that it would consistently print without failures. When I first got started, I didn't realize how fussy everything was. Sounds like you had a similar experience! Although the printers are getting so much better now. That phase of dialing stuff in is getting easier and easier.

How did you hear about Modi Boxi?

Arbiter360: I heard about Modi through Facebook and signed up for the dice tower mug. As soon as I saw it's potential, I got in on the Kickstarter immediately!

Trapper@Modi Boxi: Oh cool so you were one of the first VIPs! That's excellent. When you decided to back the Kickstarter, what sort of projects did you mainly have it in mind for? 

Arbiter360: My current main use for the Modi Boxi is a travel deck box case. I use the Level 3 Large Boxi stacked 2 high to carry 8 MTG commander decks and all peripherals inside the box as well.

Trapper@Modi Boxi: That's great. I find the Level 3 Large is a pretty good mix of size/utility and print time. I wouldn't be surprised if that isn't one of the more popular configurations. 

What led you to produce a extra small Boxi droid for the contest? It's really cute and a fun idea that definitely resonated with us!

Arbiter360: I love droids, and I was wanting to print the SM4L box and see if I could find a use for it. I had a few spare kickstands, and the vision was set! SM4L already sounded like a droid so i guess it was fate.

Trapper@Modi Boxi: Oh wow SM4L! That does sound like a droid name! I love it even more now! 

Before we let you go, anything you want to promote? Anything cool you are making? 

Arbiter360: I've created a deck box design called the sanctum. I really only sell them on TikTok at I may be putting them on My Mini Factory shortly as well!

Trapper@Modi Boxi: Very cool! I hope people will check it out! Thanks again for paticiapting in the photo contest and making us laugh with your SM4L droid! 

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